The Best Way to Prepare for Moose Hunting Season

hunting season

Before a hunter goes into the field, there is great preparation and planning before hunting season begins. There are much effort and care needed for you to drive the moose from a forest. The moose is one of the biggest animals in the deer species. It has a great sense of smell as well as hearing. Their antlers are paddle-shaped and are oversized and are of different races. They range from Yukon to Maine, Russia to Alaska, and unto Scandinavia. 

The antler of the moose can spread up to 70 inches and can weigh about half a ton. They are amongst the biggest game in North America and successfully hunting one can prove to be the greatest thrill. They vary in sizes depending on the location. As you extend to the furthest North you will get bigger moose. The population of the moose seems to be on the decline in certain states of America and becomes hard to get for some hunters. The demand for the beasts is also growing at a rapid rate and therefore you need arrangements before you can go hunting. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for the moose hunting season.

Choose The Best Location

Choosing the right location is one of the best ways to prepare for moose hunting season. If you are in the US, there are only 15 states with indigenous moose. This is spread from Washington all through to Wyoming and from Maine up to Michigan. If you go further north of Canada, we have an estimation of about a million moose. Moose in the location we have mentioned here are commonly found around water bodies.

This means that you can find most of the moose population near large streams of water and lakes. They are naturally solitary animals and hunting them requires preparation and a lot of effort. When the bull is stressed, it becomes hard to hunt during this season. Therefore it is necessary to first find the best location before anything else.

hunting season

Know Regulations Governing Hunting

In all your plans to go hunting, it is critical to know the state regulations. This is to ensure that you don’t found yourself in the wrong hands of the law. Each state might have different hunting regulations and it is not right to assume all are the same. A state like Minnesota for example, the Department of Natural Resources canceled the hunting of moose for that specific year. The cancellation was due to the decline of the population of moose in the state.

Moose hunting in Maine is different and requires early planning. In Maine, a lottery is carried out every year, and sometimes winning it can be difficult. The selection is not always the same each year. Sometimes it can be higher and sometimes lower depending on several factors like the moose population. Local hunters who are within New Hampshire, the winning odds of moose hunting permit for example was 1 in 36.

Use Aerial Maps To Get A Spot Or Use A Guide

Aerial maps can be helpful as they can help you get the right spot where you can hunt moose. Some states provide aerial maps as a guide to the location where the population of the local moose is. Alternatively, you can get a guide who can coordinate everything for you to make your hunting season a success. You can pay the guide who will plan your accommodation and make all the equipment for hunting available for you. Although you will spend some money, it is worth it as you will have many conveniences. A guide is conversant with the location and can help find you the best spot for moose hunting. 

We also have local outfitters or the Bass Pro Shops around who you can use to get the best hunter. Some of the best hunters around understand the territory well and can make your moose hunting a thrill. A moose camp in isolation can be the best spot for hunting and is the best way for moose hunting.

Know The Moose Hunting Season

Knowing the best season for moose hunting is very important so that you don’t go and start firing aimless shots. It is necessary to understand different geographies and know seasons which are best for hunting. This is part of the planning and the hunting process can be easy and on target. In Canada for example, the best hunting season for the moose beasts is usually in August. Also, the rutting season of the moose in Canada is in September.

hunting season

Have The Right Personal Gear For Hunting

Your gear for hunting can be determined by the location you are hunting the moose. It also depends on whether a guide will be in the picture. However, there is a wide range of temperature which you need to be aware of and prepare for.

There is common equipment that should be available for the moose hunt. The binoculars, ammo, GPS or compass, camping gear, hunting boots, camo hunting clothes, a moose call, and hunter orange outwear, weapon choice, and rain gear are some of the important personal gear for moose hunting. Most moose hunters like using the .300 or the 7mm magnums rifles. This is according to experts. Sometimes you can use high powered bows to make your moose hunting a success.

Be In Shape And Focused

Moose hunting is something that can’t be taken lightly and achieving or maintaining a good physical shape is important. It is a good thing to prepare yourself before you can go for moose hunting. You can start getting your body in shape by doing some of the exercises like doing the cardio activity, running, and walking before moose hunting. 


By doing this, you are preparing yourself for any eventualities during the hunt like running while hunting the moose. Moose hunting might require walking for extended periods while searching for the moose.

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