How To Store A Fish On A Kayak

Fishing is not just a mere hobby. When you get to love fishing, you will really have a whale of the time. We all have that one concern, storage. We have those hard-earned fishes but we’re out of space to store all of them. It’s like throwing everything that you truly worked hard for. I know how desperate it would be if that happens. Now, I’ll tell you the most important things and solutions on how to store a fish on a kayak. Get ready and let’s dive right in!

Store a Fish
  1. A Kayak-Sized Cooler

There are different kinds of coolers that are being produced every single day but the easiest to find is the standard cooler kayak fish storage. Any cooler may work as long as it’s small enough to fit on the deck of your kayak. The position where most anglers lash them down is the seat behind them. Be reminded that when you are fishing under the heat of the sun, expect that your ice would not last long unless you are rocking it with a high-end cooler that has lots of insulation like Yeti or Orion.Read More

To add some information for you guys, fill or line with frozen water bottles at the bottom of your cooler to cut down any kind of mess created when fish blood and slime mix with melted ice. The bottles can be recycled many times. Save money on ice!

As expected, premium coolers are more expensive than the standard ones. The extra thick insulation keeps the ice frozen in a good condition within the 40-degree or lower safety zone even under the heat of the sun.

Store a Fish
  1. Soft-Sided Kayak-Specific Fish Bags

There are two kinds of the best kayak fish bags on the market. They are the IceMule Pro Catch and the Seattle Sports Roll Catch. These two options are not that cheap but these fish bags will last a long time with proper maintenance and cleaning. These fully insulated and waterproof bags are the best options for most of the anglers all over the world. These are made for larger capacity that can fit bigger fishes like big or small tunas. Those two are the best!

  1. Insulated Grocery Bags

Store a Fish

If you want a budget-friendly storage, you can go to your local grocery store. You can have insulated grocery bags, also known as totes. This bag gives you the same benefits as a kayak-specific fish bag and they cost a few dollars. This bag is not that good to hold ice unlike Ice Mule or Yeti bag but they can get the job done specifically in a cooler weather. I am sure that you are now wondering where to put an insulated grocery bag on a kayak. The best is inside the front hatch of your kayak. Position the bag inside the hatch to align with the opening of the hatch. From this strategy, the hatch inside shields the bag and your catch from sunlight and keeps the temperatures down and you won’t lose any deck space. You can add many frozen water bottles to the bag and place you catch inside as soon as you catch than to net.

  1. The Wet Towel Trick

Store a Fish

This trick will not work in a warm weather. Better use this trick when the weather is pretty cold because fish needs to preserve at 40 degrees or lower for safe consumption. Before using this trick, I advise you to think carefully to avoid disappointments when catching a fish.

Now, I’ll show you how to prepare the wet towel trick.

Grab a towel handy on your kayak. If you catch a fish during fishing, wrap it immediately and keep the fish inside. This method will prolong the freshness of your catch for a few hours. This method could not be a perfect solution to keep your fish but it can be a helpful option for you to keep it fresh before cooking it. Then, place your fish-towel-burrito inside your front hatch or fishing crate and just continue fishing. Always remember, use this trick if you are fishing in a pretty cool weather.

  1. Plastic Umbrella Bags Minimize Mess

All of us know that storing a fish using a fish bag can be messy. The blood and slime get everywhere and even the smell leaks out of it. Now, I will give you some tips and idea on how to eliminate and minimize that fishy mess.

Who loves grocery shopping? If you are at the grocery store, grab some plastic umbrella bags by the front door. Put the fish in the umbrella bag and tie a knot to close it after you catch a fish. After that, put it in your cooler or fish bag. Imagine, your fish is in a plastic bag and all the fishy smell and slime and blood will stay nicely in the umbrella bag and would not get all over your gear.

Additional Kayak Fish Storage Tips

I know all of you are excited to grab your favorite kayak fish storage. But just relax; I’ll share with you my bonus tips to help as you work your best strategy on how to store a fish.

  • In order to become fresh, try to kill your fish immediately using a small bat or hammer to finish the task. You can spot them on top of the head between the eyes.
  • Cut the gills to make your fish bleed and drain the fish’s blood immediately to improve your table fare.
  • After killing it, slice the belly and remove the guts to have an absolute tasting fish. Then slip it into the umbrella bag and put it in your storage to preserve the fish.

Are you still with me? Now you all have the ideas and information on how to store a fish on a kayak. If you are new to this kind of hobby or kayak fishing that everybody loves, then you can decide your best storage. Happy fishing!