How to Choose Trout Trolling Reels

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How to Choose Trout Trolling Reels

Trout Trolling

Trolling reels are specially made for a technically oriented tactic used for any kinds of fishing all over the world. Most of us thought that there is only a kind of trolling reel, but we are wrong. There are different kinds of trolling reels out there! I will tell you one of those trolling reels we use for fishing, the trout trolling reels.

Moreover, Trout is used for some species in three of the seven genera in the family of Salmoninae. They are Salmo, Atlantic species, Salvelinus species, and Oncorhynchus species.

But anglers and fishermen troll everything form, bass, crappie, and walleye to trout and other big fishes in saltwater and freshwater. It is the best way to cover a lot of water area for fish that are feeding.

The rod and reel are also important when we talk about fishing. They are used as one of the important tools from a beginner to professional anglers. Choosing the right gear especially trout trolling reels will make your trolling experience enjoyable and productive. There are over 200 different models of trolling reels to choose from, you might get confused in making a decision. For that reason, it is my pleasure to share with you the major elements to consider when buying a trout trolling reels in fishing.

Some might think that trolling is just a simple thing to do, but there is only one secret to successful trolling, It is being able to replicate your success. Over the years, new methods and techniques are being produced and developed. The depth, speed, line diameter, and lure design are the things you need to consider when choosing the best trolling reel for you.

Elements of a Good Trout Trolling Reel

Trout Trolling

If you are an angler, I want you to know that it is very important to know the different elements or the components of a good trolling reel. If we are planning to buy some, why not consider the following to make you knowledgeable about it.

  1. Manual Line Counters

The Manual Line Counters enable the fishermen and anglers to exactly replicate trolling patterns and also eliminate guesswork and produce more productivity. The line counter reels measure line and compensate for the downward spiral of a spool’s diameter which affects the measurement.

In addition, these line counters record the number of revolutions that were made by the spool itself. Using a 12 pound of test line as the standard, preset calibrations compensate for variations of spool diameter when the line is paid out.

1. Electric Line Counters

These Electric Line Counters are more advanced and provide the convenience of calibrating the accurate size of line you are using. The settings are quite difficult to implement but this electric line counter will give you accurate details such as making sure that batteries are replaced and much more.

Between the Manual Line Counters and Electric Line Counters, most anglers prefer the Manual Line Counters. It has low maintenance and high on dependability. It is the best choice for them.

  1. Location

It is the first to consider when fishing. Bear in mind that freshwater and saltwater fishing require different requirement. If you know that site you intend trolling, you can absolutely tell the depth of the water and the targets within.

  1. Body Construction

The body construction is also important in distinguishing a good kind of trolling reel. There are three major categories to consider. The graphite, cast aluminum, and machined aluminum.

The graphite reels have lower rung of the ladder. But it produces a lighter reel and more affordable to purchase. The next is cast aluminum. For strength and durability, it is the best choice among the three. This reel has been precision machined from a solid block of aluminum. The torque on the reel is made by the stress of trolling gear but specifically for targeting and fighting larger species. For a big adventure, this one is for you, the machined aluminum. Machined bodies are optimal. They are more rigid and they hold bearings and gears in a precise alignment that prevents premature failure and offers you more torque for besting a bruiser.

You must also consider the level wind, smooth drag, and clicker. If you want to fish in a saltwater area, the level wind is a desirable one.

5. Drag

Drag is a pair of friction plates of fishing reels. Rod will absorb a lot of energy of a fight. The multi-disc drags offer the smoothest control for handling a big fish. All of us want a drag that operates smoothly, right? Star drag adjustments are located next to the handle. These are convenient and comfortable for most anglers to use in fishing. Remember, once you have learned how to set a drag on a fishing reel then you are ready to start casting.

  1. Line

Trolling reels also come with different specifications. Some of those are small and some are big. As an angler, you should know the size of your reel. A small reel would struggle to have a line of thigh thickness. Therefore, the line reel you will choose is absolutely based on the line you wish and depends also on the size of the species or targets you want to catch.

  1. Budget

Budget is also a big deal to all anglers out there. Consider the amount of money you have to spare. You don’t need to purchase an expensive one if that’s too expensive for you. There are still trolling reels that could work out in a lower budget. But if you want an expensive but a high-quality trolling reel, it is better to just save for today for more funds rather than buying something that would not completely reach your expectations and would not last long.

  1. Dual Speed Reels

Anglers who want to fight large fish in the saltwater are fond of a two-speed reel. These dual-speed reels are an advantage when fighting a large fish like tuna, and marlin. In just a flick of a lever, you can take up line rapidly.


Trout Trolling

How to choose trout trolling reels? Trolling reels are very important when you start fishing. They have pretty simple designs. But before choosing, you need to identify the most comfortable and convenient line counter for you. Is it Manual Line Counter or the Electronic Line Counter? Second, location which indicates the area or the place you will spend time in fishing. After you decided your location, it’s time for you to canvass and choose the best trout trolling reel for you. Consider its drag system, line, dual speed reels and budget.

It’s very easy to choose your trolling reel if you already know these basics. It’s time to go to the market!

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