Young and old people are currently hunting for their great and high-quality equipment needed for fishing. I know for sure, that you are also looking for your chest waders both in the market and online. People have different sizes. There are short, tall and sometimes you think you are huge or small. Looking for chest waders are also challenging, right? One of the questions you have in mind is how do I size chest waders? Now, it is time to look at how you can select the right size of wader to wear for your fishing.

Chest Waders

chest waders

Chest waders are widely known and most versatile around the globe. Some chest waders are converted from pant waders to chest waders. They are commonly used in cold water, fishing deep, big open rivers, high mountain creeks, salty or mossy kind of spring creeks. These locations can also be the bases what type of wader you will use considering the style and materials of the wader you want to buy. If you are planning to steelhead fishing, a pair of chest waders will be your partners as they will keep you warm.

Wader Body Size

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Are we okay about your boot size? Now, let’s go with your wader body size. It is easy to know your body size. Just get a measuring tool and get the correct measure before you decide to order or purchase your waders. If you can’t find the best size for you, you can ask for assistance with the seller inside the store.

There are also expensive waders like breathable and neoprene. These waders will provide you many options to choose from. We have different body sizes and shapes. For that reason, many anglers want waders custom-made that will definitely suit and satisfy your needs.

Most anglers prefer breathable waders. They can wear it easily if they rub back and forth on each other. On the other side, neoprene is not prone to wear. That is the reason why they are known as very durable waders.

Wader Boot Size

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For those boot foot waders, the normal size of your shoe is the same as the boot foot size of yours. It is really advisable to go by the size of your boot. Just like for example, if you are size 12, you can just order directly that size. If you are planning to wear multiple socks, it does not really matter.

For stocking foot waders, they have many options that will give you. They come in Small, Medium, Extra Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2 Extra Large, all depending on your body physique and measurements. So, it is not difficult for you to find your own size. These modern stocking foot waders also come with attached wadding calves which means you will not have to worry about losing the wadding calves.

Choosing the Right Size of Waders

It is the best option to visit your nearest shop and try them on before you purchase the waders.

Remember, picking the size of your wader includes your physical build such as waist, hips, inseam and chest. The best wader for anglers and hunters are the regular waders. They are not typically too long in seam measurements.

On the other hand, stout waders have shorter inseam and offer extra room in the mid-section and upper area of your body. For those who want tout sizes, they are 2 inches bigger than the regular sizes at all significant measurement focuses.

Inexpensive waders such as PVC, has mostly “one size fits all” sizing. Generally, most of their waders are medium size which means medium foot size, and medium height, waist and chest sizes. The PVC might not be the best option for anglers who are extremely short or extremely tall like 6, 5’’and over. This wader might lack a wide selection to choose from.

Wader Size Charts

Manufacturers like Orvis, Patagonia and Simms have provided sizing charts in their respective stores. They not only have wide variety of wader sizes, they provide also accurate sizes for their angler customers. You can also check their wade size charts to consult your measures. Consider these three important measurements which includes your largest girth around in inches such as chest, waist, or hips), your inseam inches (crotch to floor) and your shoe size.

Hip vs Pant vs Chest Waders

You might consider these styles of waders that will best suit your needs.

Hip Waders

These kinds of waders are great for those who likes and do a lot of hiking. This is the best option for the high country or small and shallow creeks. They also have limitations such as they cannot wade too much deeper than above the knee.

chest waders

Pant Waders

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Pant waders are becoming more popular nowadays. These pant waders fit just like pants with a waterproof stocking foot but not as warm as chest waders. These are the best choice for those who want to spend a lot of time rowing a boat with a time and time out of the water that is not that deep. They are also ideal for hiking and scrambling over rocks and boulders.


The right size of wader for you means comfortable for fishing and other outdoor activities that need to wear these waders. Small sizes for you might stress you while large sizes for you might give a very wide and large appearance and might keep you hanging. That’s why I gave you this article to help you out in choosing the best wader size for you. All in all, make sure to get your measurements correct to select better sizes from the size of your foot to the size of your body. Buying waders online might be convenient for you but please consider research and visit the nearest store to avoid any disappointments about the quality and the sizes of your waders.

How do you size chest waders? I know you already knew about it. Be true to your sizes and choose the best waders for you.