How Do Self-Inflating Jackets Work

self inflating

The fishing will not be complete without bringing these flotation devices or PFD. A PFD is quite literally meant the difference between life and death. It is one of the important gears you should bring when fishing or doing some fun activities on the water. There are different types of self-inflating jackets that are available on the market. And one of those is the inflatable PFD. The following are the things you should know if you are considering purchasing an inflatable life vest.

Why Should I Choose an Inflatable Life Vest?

 The traditional life vests and inflatable life vests have the same basic function that keeps you afloat in the water. Inflatable life vests are easier to store when not in use. Because they are significantly less cumbersome than traditional counterparts. They are more comfortable to wear and a great choice for sailing or paddle-boarding. However, there are also water activities that are suitable for inflatable jackets to wear like personal watercraft like jet skis. So go with a good life jacket intended for water-sports. 

Inflatable life vests are not suitable for children under the age of 16 or for non-swimmers. Because they take time to inflate once submerged in the water. However, these inflatable life vests are more efficient of turning and hold the victim face up and above the water when inflated. They have a sleek design which gives a little to no protection against hypothermia. Inflatable life vests are often and inspected to see if the cartridges are working. And there is no leak because if it doesn’t inflate it will be dangerous. And it won’t be of much assistance when an emergency appears.

What are Auto Inflatable Life Jackets?

An automatic inflatable life vest is a personal flotation device. It constrains automatic elements that are perfectly designed to fill your vest with a gas as quickly as possible. Inflatable jackets are really important. They are many reasons why auto-inflatable life jackets are so popular and important.

Most life vests are already inflated. It becomes uncomfortable for us to wear which may result to discourage their use especially on a boat or somewhere seemingly safe. The automatic inflatable life vest is one of the best ideas as it doesn’t get in your way when you are safe. But it will be inflated when you are in the water through different methods. There are options available when it comes to inflating the life vest, and we will discuss it right away!

How Do self  Inflatable Life Jacket Works?

self inflating

A self-inflatable life jacket doesn’t use air to keep the person above water. They use carbon dioxide to do it. This gas will offer an improved buoyancy over some of the options on the market. It includes the materials that have a low enough density to float on their own.

How the carbon dioxide is deployed depends on the kind of auto inflatable life jacket or vest you are using. Some inflatable life jackets automatically inflate while others feature a cord. But you can use to inflate a particular vest.

Auto Inflation Mechanism Types

The two different kinds of auto-inflation mechanism actually depend on how much you are willing to purchase a life jacket. It inflates automatically, while other affordable vests feature a cord that you can pull on.

Manual (Cord Pull)

From its word, manual- this automatic life jackets are done manually. It is also recommended that you pull it out before or while you are entering the water. They are actually attached to reinforce stoppers. It holds the gas canisters closed and the gas rushes out.

The carbon dioxide in the canisters is really under pressure. You do not need to pump it out as it follows Bernoulli’s Principle. And it moves from a high-pressure area to low pressure area. These manual life vests are affordable than other auto inflatable life vests. Because they operated manually.

Remember, these inflatable life jackets can be unsafe when compared to automatic options especially when unexpected or violent scenarios may encounter.


This type of self inflatable life jacket is pricier than other life vests on the market. It inflates automatically when it comes into contact with the water. It actually inquires no input from the user. These life jackets are an excellent choice for any kind of situation like injuries or incapacitated. So you would not be able to pull a cord.

There are different ways that automatic models can function. It features a dissolving tablet which holds the gas bottles closed. It is when submerged in water and rapidly disintegrate and inflate. The other one is this automatic life vests that inflate using a pressure gauge. The surrounding pressure increases when a life vest is submerged in water. And once the pressure reaches its capacity to inflate, the vest will automatically unblock the gas supply. And send it in to the main compartment.

CO2 Cylinders Require Maintenance

self inflating

These type of self inflating life jackets also have a single disadvantage. You must maintain the Carbon dioxide (CO2) canisters if not, they may not function. Check frequently the cylinders on the interior as they will feature a pressure gauge that will let you know their status.


As we all know, self inflating PFDs are a very serious matter. There are different kinds of life vest available in the market. But there is one thing that is really perfect and it suits for you according to your needs. Your comfort level on the water, ability to swim. And the type of boating is the factor to consider when purchasing self-inflating life jackets or vests.

Be sure to choose what is right and best for you. Now, it is really important to know if the vest you are going to purchase. And it is a coast guard approved in order to be safe for your desired activity. Life jackets save lives when they wear them.

I hope that this article helps you know everything you wanted to learn about inflating jackets or life vests.[/read]

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