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Finding fish has never been an easy task, and only those skilled in the art can predict the possibility of finding fish, although to some extent. With the Striker 4 Fish Finder, you can now easily find fish in the ocean and with minimal effort or skills.  It is the best fish finder in 2019. 

Instead of spending hours on a boat trying to locate where all the fishes are at, mark the location and return to the docks to enjoy some shade. You would be provided with clear images of the entire process, even as you change the depth and range.

Before we review this product, it is ideal that we have an understanding of the product we are discussing. 


The Striker 4 Fish Finder is one of the best fish finders in 2019. It is a device that uses sonar technology to detect fishes that are present in the ocean and their location. It is straightforward to use, as all of its instructions are available for you to check if you get stuck. The Striker 4 Fish Finder has a 3.5-inch screen with color display.

It works using a built-in GPS that is highly sensitive to objects and movements in the ocean. What the device does is that it finds the fish, allows you to mark their location and return to get your gear or to the docks.

 It is a very convenient device to use, and it comes in handy so that you do not sail off with all your gear in search of fish that might be hard to find. You find the fish, mark their location, and return to fish whenever it is convenient for you.

 Bear in mind that you should not return to the area that you marked after a long time. It is because fish are free creatures and might decide to change their location if their present one is not safe for them. The device is very convenient to use and consists of a keypad for controls.

 It comes with a preloaded CHIRP sonar transducer of about 77/200 kHz and transmitting power of 200 W RMS /1,600 W peak-to-peak. The sensor is very powerful and of top quality, but you can upgrade it to another of higher performance and possessing a GT8 or GT15 transducer. 


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  • Navigate Your Way With The Waypoint Map: The Striker 4 Fish Finder is no doubt the best fish finder in 2019. It uses a waypoint map to view, navigate to and mark locations such as docks, stumps and brush piles.
  • CHIRP Sonar: the CHIRP Sonar is what sends signals of a particular frequency into the water. It carries a sweep of frequencies continuously into the water to provide information on what is present in the water and produces a better separation of targets and better fish arches to give precise info of the exact object or creature in the water.
  • Built-in Speedometer: the Striker 4 Fish Finder helps you display the exact velocity at which your boat is moving. It ensures that you are conscious of the speed you attain in order not to lure the fish away with massive waves from your boat and also to catch the fishes if you are using a net. With a net, you have to be faster than the fish.
  • The Clearvü Scanning Sonar: The Striker 4 Fish Finder uses this sonar to show you several things that are present in the water and close to your boat. It does this by sending sonar signals into the water to detect objects that come in contact with the sonar signal.

More Features

There are a lot of sonar devices in the market today, but the Clearvü Scanning Sonar produces a near-photographic image that gives a detailed representation of the objects present in the ocean, the structures around, and the fish. 

Note that these transducers are not part of the device and you can purchase them separately. The device also allows you to mark points about your present location and has a lot more features that would interest you. 

  • Great Display: the Striker 4 Fish Finder consists of a 3.5-inch screen with a compelling display. It works with other parts of the device to produce images that depict the objects present in the water. It even gives you a view of fishes that are passing in the ocean.
  • Built-in Flasher: most people would enjoy viewing the sonar data in the classic flasher display. This display is ideal for vertical jigging and ice fishing. The flasher is about 1.9 by 2.9 inches in size, and that is 3.5 inches diagonally. 

All these features and a lot of others not mentioned describe the primary functions of the device. However, not all these features are great. Let us see the good and bad sides of this device.


  • It is straightforward to use and do not require rocket science
  • Sends multiple signals to ensure that images of objects present in the water are up to date
  • It uses top technology devices to provide optimum performance
  • Upgradable to ensure that different compatible add-ons are usable
  • Separates targets to ensure that objects are differentiated from each other easily
  • Perfect for all kinds of boats


  • Small screen display 
  • Mounting devices may not be entirely reliable

Before You Purchase This Product, Here Are A Few Steps You Should Follow:

  • Your budget
  • The water body you want to use it on
  • The type of fish you intend to find; different fishes live and commute to varying depths in water.  
  • The depth and level of the fish habitat; to ensure the sonar depth can reach where the fish moves. 
  • Type of Transducer material; depending on the kind of boat you are using 
  • The beam angle of the transducer 
  • Water resistance; to prevent damage from splashes

Final Thought

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The Striker 4 Fish Finder is a very excellent device used for fish finding, and one can say it is the best fish finder in 2019. It implements the best technological devices to ensure that you get accurate results. 

Although its mounting materials are usually suction cups, the device works very well if one decides to ignore that mounting mechanism used. The device operates at outstanding levels of frequencies and is very reliable in finding fishes in water bodies irrespective of the size of the fish and the water body.